Central government appoints new CIC chief to pacify the anguish of RTI activists:


Central government appoints new CIC chief to pacify the anguish of RTI activists:

Will it serve the purpose? Because thousands of appeals are pending before commission and the new CIC chief with his very short can hardly clear the thousands backlog appeals.

Central government has appointed Vijay Sharma as new chief information commissioner of Central information commission who is retiring in the month of December 2015.

It is clear that he has only a few months in hand and already thousands of applications are piled up before the commission, how can he clear scores of appeals with very short stint of just 6 months?

It has raised eyebrows of whistleblowers all across the country, with the RTI activists claiming and alleging the central government of cheating people by appointing such a chief for very short term although the CIC chief’s post has been lying vacant for the last months.

But the question over here is that when government was not worried for the last nine months to appoint a chief does it seem logical that after the CIC chief gets retirement in December 2015, Modi govt. will be quick to appoint new chief? This is a major question hauling the minds of RTI activists.

In my opinion a chief should have been appointed for at least one year so that he could get elbow room to clear the prolonged pending cases before the commission.

To bring transparency in the functioning of the government it is of the dire need to have CIC CVC and Lokayukta seats always filled. Government should be quick in appointing and making arrangements for such key posts before they get laid vacant.

Nonetheless at last Modi government hit the nail on the head by appointing chief of CIC, now the new chief has some challenges ahead, how he takes decisions and what will be his priorities in dealing with the bundles of appeals is a major concern for him.

Any way it is a good move by the Modi government that after much too furore and hue and cry in the media and by the RTI activists, it appoints new chief and it will give, if not so much, a little breather for the withering Central information commission.