How to File RTI Online In West Bengal?

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How to File RTI Online In West Bengal?

Here I am bringing you a step by step process how to File RTI Online in West Bengal.

First of all be clear that till date Online RTI Filing facility is not available in the State Of West Bengal.

Therefore you have to File it Offline but for the convenience of People we are providing a platform to all those people from west Bengal to File RTI from their home and get reply at their home at the most ease.

Let us know how to File RTI.

For filing RTI there is no Standard form or format available till not, however RTI experts have evolved a simple format that will help you to File RTI see the process below.

Take plain blank page and at the top write down To the Public information officer.

Write down the address of the organization. Then in next line write “subject- request for information under RTI Act 2005

In next line write down your name and address;

Below your address write down your queries point wise to make the PIO understand and reply your questions easily.

At the end of the application write a declaration about the RTI fee of Rs 10 and your nationality as Indian.

At the bottom of the application put your signature with date. Kindly take a photocopy of your application, for your future references, before sending it to the organization concerned.

Your application is ready now. Send it via registered mail or Speed post; don’t send it via courier as it is not the authentic means of communication in govt. offices.

Wait for 30 days for the PIO to get reply, as within this period the PIO will send you reply at your given address.

Thank you.

For more details on Online RTI Filing kindly follow the link below;