Central govt. to appoint new CIC chief soon;

Central govt. is churning out to appoint Chief Information commissioner very soon.
There is a plethora of RTI appeals piled up before the central information commission, seeking decision of its chief but dilemma is that CIC’s post has been lying vacant since August 2014 last year.
As umpteen of RTI appeals are pending before the CIC, and if Chief Information Commissioner is appointed today and it works continuously day and night yet it will take him/her 2 years to dispose all the appeals.
Approx. 10,000 appeals are already pending before Central Information Commission New Delhi.
A few months ago a campaign drive was launched by an organization where RTI Activists were propagating the signature campaign and approx one Lakh RTI activists took part in it, it has had somehow mounted pressure on the Modi-Led Central govt. to think of appointing a Chief.
RTI is very good tool for bringing transparency in a Democratic government like India.
As we know that Democracy is the best type of govt. but this fact is true till transparency and accountability is live in the Govt.
Corruption is the offspring of Democracy, it is spawned and nurtured in the Democracy where people elect their representative and mandate their leaders to make policies, but someone the black sheep of our leaders become corrupt and suppression of people’s rights starts from here.
Here the role of RTI comes to make our govt a responsible and accountable.
Nonetheless, belated but good move by the Modi govt to, decide the appointment of CIC for disposing of a stack of RTI appeals. Now our Indian Democracy will get breather as it has have been stifling due to the absence of Chief Information commissioner at the centre.

Hope the fourth pillar of democracy will get new strength and RTI will get new height be with the appointment of new Chief of CIC…

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Kejriwal’s thumping victory in Delhi assembly elections has kindled aspirations of RTI activists

RTI Activists see the time has come that RTI will be revived with the terrific victory of India’s greatest RTI activist that is going to assume the office of CM of Delhi..
Here is a report of The Times of India..
CHENNAI: Aam Aadmi Party’s thumping victory in Delhi elections is likely to give a fillip to the Right to Information movement in the country.

Activists say Arvind Kejriwal, who championed the RTI Act, should make Delhi a model in effective implementation of the law.

We hope new CIC will be sworn in as soon as possible.

RTI Act was marred by the vacancy of the CIC chief post since August 2014.

Now Mr. Kejri Wall should also be ready to face RTI applications as he is gonna assume office of the CM by 14th Feb 2015.

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How to file RTI online for PF

Genarally officials in the govt. offices gobble up Provident fund of employees…

RTI experts always get queries about how to file RTI online for PF, to solve this problem i am bringing you an article.

In our country it is a very serious issue that an employee’s hard earned money is eaten up by the employer.

what i have seen is that a person works hard throughout his whole life in govt. offices and when the time comes for him/her to relax and get the benefit of his provident fuds after retirement, he is shocked to know that some corrupt oficials have gobbled up his PF money.

That is why it is advisable for a service man to get updates from time to time about the PF money in his account and keep a tab on his hard earned money…

It has been noticed that people are unable to fight for their PF money at the time of retirement because someone has already sored up his PF account, therefore to avoid such a dilemma after retirement it is advisable to know how to file RTI online for PF (Provident funds) it will help the service man to secure his/her PF money.

Sometimes we need a loan but can’t take due to some constrains in this situation you can take a loan from any govt. bank against your PF money…

For filing RTI for PF you simply need to write an application adressed to the P.I.O. of the organization concerned and ask him/her about the PF amount credited to your account and also the available balance it will help you to keep a watch on your PF wallet.

You should file RTI for your PF money once in a year so that your employer will never think of embazzling your money.

Thank you…

Till now only central govt. and a few state govts, like Maharashtra, Odisha, Bihar have introduced Online RTI facility for indian citizens, for rest of the states offline RTI facility is available.

However this website is giving you a platform to file RTI online anywhere in India, you just need to fill up a form, furnish your details and queries, and executives will file RTI on your behalf at reasonable cost in this way it is time efficient and affordable.

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