In a stunning decision the CIC ruled in that even pvt. schools come under RTI ambit

Central information commission in its june 4 2014 judgement has ruled that even private schools are under the ambit of Right to Information irrespective of the fact that whether it is aided by the govt. or not..

In a landmark decision on 4th of June CIC has said that though RTE (Right to Free Education) Act 2009 children upto the age of 14 years are eligible to free education and private schools that are recognised by the Delhi govt. are not exception..
The CIC was acting on a petition seeking information about the information of a private school employee from its employer, where the applicant accused school administration of refusing to provide information giving excuses that school was a private entity..

The CIC clarified that though the school was a private entity but it was governed by the Delhi education rules and also by the cooperative societies act 1973 that enables a citizen to seek information pertaining to private entities therefore one can seek information from the Public authorities about the private schools relating to admission and appointment of qualified teachers for the successful implementation of chidrens’ Right to Education Act. 2009..

It has paved the way for people to seek information about the admissions of their kids.