RTI application for MGNREGA

Friends we often see that MGNREGA work is done in our villages and agents eat up the wages of labourers and also cover up by making false cash vouchers, while actual vouchers are not provided to the common men for inspection…

From my experience i have witnessed such misfeasance of NREGA funds..

Fake Job cards are made without the consent of workers, irony is that the actual worker doesn’t even know that a job card under NREGA has been made for him and the brokers draw money on behalf of such workers..

In such a situation if you have any doubt you simply file an RTI application for NREGA works addressed to the public information officer of the village panchayat concerned, and ask them the certified photocopy of master roll workers’ attendance register, list of job card holders of your village and panchayat..

Attach appropriate IPO for seeking information according to your state’s RTI rules

For Haryana RTI Fees is Rs 50, For Gujarat it is Rs-20, for Goa it is Rs-20, For Sikkim it is Rs-100,for almost all other states it is just Rs-10..

This will make them hand to mouth and they will provide you information however reluctantly, and in such a way you can bridle the corrupt people involved in NREGA scam..

NREGA is designed for the upliftment of the poor so it must reach to the right people…

Threfore it is our request to you not to sit idle if there is any scam going on; do help us to root it out by filing just an RTI, you can’t imagine how much it will help to eradicate corruption and thus bring prosperity to our poor common men…

Till now Onine RTI filing facility is not available in most part of the country barring a few states, like, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Odisha where online RTI can be filed.

MGNREGA also come under the ambit of RTI Act 2005..

For further details as how to file online RTI application you can visit the following website…