How to file RTI in bank for Loan related matters ?

How to file RTI in Banks for refusal of loan advancements…

Here i would like to make it clear that private banks do not come under the ambit of RTI Act 2005.

Therefore you can File RTIs in only Public Sector Banks, like SBI, PNB, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Central bank of India, Indian Bank etc, for refusal of loans.

Banks cannot deny loans to anybody without giving valid reason.

If any bank official refuses to accept your loan application and/or refuses to advance you loan without giving subtle reasons, you can file RTI to know the reason of non supply of loan to you.

Hence bank officials will be alarmed and will not dare to refuse loans unless they have valid reasons to do so.

For Filing RTIs in Banks, all you need to do is just write an application on a blank plain paper addressed to the PIO of the Bank branch concerned…In the subject column you simply write, ” to seek information under RTI Act 2005.

After that you simply write your application and mention query point-wise and ask them valid reason of refusal of loan to you. this will circumvent the corrupt officials who are always in the habit of bothering customers over petty points and want bribe to even sanction loans.

do not forget to write your address on the application.

At the end of the application on bottom write of the application put your signature with date.

Attach an IPO of Rs 10 along with the application…take a photocopy of the same for your future references.

Now your application is ready.

You can send it via registered post addressed to the PIO of the concerned office of the bank.

Or you can directly approach the branch manager and give him your RTI application and take acknowledgement on the photocopy of the application.

The PIO will respond you within 30 days from the date of receipt of RTI application.

And if they had refused you without a valid reason they will contact you and hope you will be given loan easily…

For any queries regarding RTI filing in Public sector banks please visit following website.