How to file online RTI for passport in kerala

We see generally that, we apply for passport and give bribe to police for clearing our police verification nonetheless there is inordinate delays in issuing your passport. in such a situation nobody can imagine the pang of frustrations and miseries faced by an ordinary common man.

 In such case reason maybe anything beyond gesticulation…but what you need to do is, file an RTI application in the office of Regional passport officer concerned.

on thing to be noted here is that you ask not ambiguous questions as asking such questions may save corrupt officials they will respond in other ways and/or supply partial information, in such a way your passport will be issued more belatedly and even information will also be delayed, because you will have to make first appeal etc.

Therefore it is advisable to be precise and concise in writing your RTI application for passport delays and ask direct questions from the public information officer…this will make them responsible and there will be lesser chances of escapades of corrupt officials.

You may also file your RTI online with the following website, here you just need to fill up a brief form furnishing a few details and rest of the onus will be on the RTI service provider…following is the link of Online RTI service provider…they will file RTI online for your issues…they have RTI experts and a team of skilled persons from various fields of life.